Affordable and Stylish High-End Furniture near Palm Beach Gardens: Visit Our Furniture Outlet Store

Just a single piece of new furniture can transform the appearance of a room in your home. Periodically, we all want to do something different and make the interior design in our houses modern and attractive. The problem with buying quality furniture is that it can be quite expensive.

Most furniture stores in Pam Beach Gardens promise attractive offers and unparalleled price reductions. Once you visit the place, however, you’ll often find out that the amazing offer comes with terms and conditions that are impossible to meet.

We’re a furniture outlet store with decades of experience and our own work values. Delivering on our promises is a top priority, which is why we give clients access to remarkable prices for luxurious items.

Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet has been around since 1988. Over the years, we’ve found out that importers sometimes end up with a lot of inventory that they simply can’t transport. In such instances, importers will be more than happy to get rid of some surplus. We get those amazing pieces and offer them to clients at some of the most affordable prices.

So, what would you like to change in your home this year? As a top furniture outlet store, we give you access to the following options:

Bedroom Furniture

Need a bigger bed? Don’t like the arrangement in your bedroom and would like to buy something a bit more streamlined? We have designer, luxurious bedroom furniture that will be perfect for the creation of the ultimate relaxing spot in your home. You don’t need to break the bank in order to put together a little boudoir for yourself and your loved one.

Kid's Bedroom Furniture

Children change their desires all the time. The beautiful bed that your daughter was in love three years ago will no longer do the trick. As a parent, however, you know that the price of specialized children’s furniture in Palm Beach Gardens can be quite high.

Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet has a vast selection of items that every girl and boy will fall in love with. It’s easy to carry out an entire theme with our pieces that look as if they’ve just been taken out of a fairytale.

Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture has to be both solid and functional. This is the place where your family spends quality evenings together. A dining room should guarantee comfort and facilitate socialization. Whether you need a new table or extra seating for culinary experiences shared with friends, we’ve got a lot to offer.

Living Room Furniture

Our brand new, designer living room furniture will make your house ready for an interior design magazine shoot. You can pick a few additional pieces or go for a complete overhaul – we promise you that our furniture will keep the expenditure limited while giving you the style you’ve always dreamed of.

Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture has to be stylish and durable. Since it’s subjected to environmental influences, patio furniture should be capable of withstanding the moisture, heat and wind. Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet features loungers, dining sets and beautiful chairs for the perfect backyard experience during the hot summer days.

Home Theater Furniture

You’ve invested a lot in the purchase of home theater equipment. By buying comfortable furniture, you’ll take the movie watching experience to the next level.

You Deserve a Bit of Luxury in Your Home

Luxury doesn’t have to be exclusive if you buy your furniture from the right furniture outlet store. Our mission is to bring modern, quality pieces to every home in Palm Beach Gardens. Do you have a question or a special request? Don’t hesitate to call us at 561-963-2022.