Affordable High-End Furniture? It’s Possible at the Right Outlet Store in Delray Beach

Who said that luxurious, high-end furniture has to be expensive? If you want to add a bit of sophistication to your Delray Beach home, just look for the right furniture outlet store. A place like Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet brings together designer and custom pieces that just about everyone can afford.

We’ve been in the furniture business since 1988 and it’s our main mission to make high-end furniture affordable.

One of the ways in which we accomplish the goal involves partnerships with designers and furniture importers. Quite often, the importers end up with a lot more inventory than they can deal with. In such instances, it’s possible for us to get the high-end pieces at a fraction of the price and offer them to customers in our furniture outlet store.

Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet is the place to go if you need diversity (we feature the work of over 50 furniture manufacturers and distributors from the US, Italy and other countries), in-store designer services, custom-made upholstery and affordable prices. Our catalog is very rich and you can choose among the following furniture categories:

Bedroom Furniture

Building the bedroom of your dreams could be one of the most expensive home renovation projects. Many Delray Beach furniture stores have mediocre possibilities and quite expensive prices. Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet is different. Take a look at the numerous collections and choose the bed that will give you comfort and style.

Kid's Bedroom Furniture

You know what you want the kid’s bedroom to look like but you can’t find the furniture to bring that vision to reality? Visit our outlet and you’ll be amazed at the diversity and the beautiful pieces for boys and girls.

From a fairytale bedroom for a little princess to a superhero’s den, you can give your child the personal space that they deserve. Buying such specialized furniture doesn’t have to be expensive, either.

Dining Room Furniture

Exciting family dinners and laughs shared with friends over a glass of wine – all of this can happen in the perfect dining room.

Whether you’d like to get seating for a bigger number or people or simply you’d like to replace the old dining set, you should definitely come to our furniture outlet center. We have various sizes, styles and materials that will appeal to just about every Delray Beach family.

Living Room Furniture

The living room is the place where you relax, play family games and watch the news in the evening. It should be comfortable and the furniture you choose should stimulate active conversations and engagement.

Looking for the perfect sofa? Want a new living room table? Or maybe you’d like to purchase an entire set? Don’t worry – you’ll find dozens of high-end and designer products in our outlet center.

Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture combines beautiful designs and durability. Since these pieces are exposed to environmental influences, they have to be made in the best possible way. The end of the summer season is the best time to choose a patio furniture set. Our affordable prices are reduced even more than usual!

Home Theater Furniture

If you’ve invested a lot in home theater technology, you want to display it in the best possible way. The arrangement will contribute to the ultimate cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. A personal home theater is the epitome of luxury and style. Don’t hesitate to pay us a visit and choose the right pieces for your home.

Luxurious furniture isn’t exclusive. If you think that it belongs solely to the homes of the rich and the famous, you’re wrong. We’re changing this misconception by giving more and more people in Delray Beach an opportunity to buy sophisticated, beautiful and long-lived pieces of furniture. Come to our store today or give us a call at 561-963-2022 to have your questions answered.