Check out these Space Saving Futons in Greenacres

When you’re designing a multi-purpose space in your home, it’s important to choose your sleeping accommodations carefully. If you’ve ever slept on an old sleeper sofa, you’ll understand why this is such a big decision. A cheap sleeper sofa can cause some of the worst nights of sleep of your life. You feel like you’re sleeping on a rack all night long, and you’ll always wake up with an awful backache.

Even if your guests only stay for one night, it’s important to provide a comfortable bed that they can relax in. That’s why when folks come in looking for a sleeper sofa, we always suggest that they check out these space saving futons in Greenacres.

Why Choose a Futon?

Futons have become somewhat synonymous with college dorm rooms; however, the reputation is undeserved. Futons are actually an extremely good option for multi-purpose rooms, as they’re comfortable, attractive, and practical. Here’s why we think you should check out these space saving futons in Greenacres:

1. They’re comfortable all-around. Whether you’re using your futon as a sofa or a bed, you can count on comfort. Futons have really gotten a bad rep from cheap klick-klack style sofas, but when you try out our high-quality futons, we think you’ll quickly change your mind. In fact, some folks like futons so much that they swap out their old mattress for a futon mattress!

2. They’re easy to maintain. The cover on a futon mattress is removable, so if it’s dirty - or if you’re just redecorating – you can unzip it and wash/swap it out.

3. They’re super convenient. If you’ve ever tried to move a sleeper sofa, you’ll know how heavy they can be. Not so with futons! They’re easy to move around, and you can even fold them up and away if you need more space.

Check Them Out!

Come by and check out these space saving futons in Greenacres. We think you’ll be convinced that futons are the greatest way to make your spare room pull double duty. Looking for something special? Give us a call at 561-963-2022, and we’ll help you out.