Compliment Any Color Scheme with Our Cottage Furniture in Boynton Beach

The cottage styled home is all about warmth and casual, relaxed elegance. The “cottage” style actually encompasses quite a range of colors and looks; however, the main goal is a sense of harmony and peace. Cottage style décor should make you think of great vacation homes on the lake or cozy bungalows along the beachfront. We think you’ll find wonderful inspiration in our gorgeous cottage furniture in Boynton Beach.

Before you even start picking out cottage furniture in Boynton Beach, however, it’s very important to settle on a color scheme. Harmony and balance is vital to achieving that relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. Here are some great tips for picking the perfect colors for your cottage styled home.

1. Go Neutral

Shades of beige, cream and tan are wonderful for cottage style décor. These neutrals create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, and they’ll enhance the other colors in your palette. Neutrals also give you great flexibility in decorating, as they make any other colors look great.

2. Go White

Everyone is trying to escape plain white walls, but when you think about it, white perfectly captures the airy, breezy feel that is quintessential cottage. You can use white as an accent in your trim and moldings, or you can go with full white walls. Pick a blue-toned white for a cool, breezy feel, or a dusty tone for a warmer, unified look.

3. Go Pale

If you’re all about color, you can still achieve the cottage look. Just stick to muted, paler tones like dusty blue or rose, or a bleached green or yellow. Greens add to the wonderful, natural feel of cottage furniture, and they bring a bit of energy to a tranquil space.

Just remember that we have cottage furniture in Boynton Beach to match any color scheme that you might choose. Just drop by and chat with our master decorators about the best way to achieve the look you’re aiming for. We’ve got beautiful pieces for every room, and we guarantee you’ll love the results. So give us a call at 561-963-2022, or drop by for a look.