Discover the Best Deals on Bedroom Furniture in Lake Worth

Are you preparing to redecorate your bedroom? You may want to consider swapping your old bed out for a new platform bed. At Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet, we carry a tremendous selection of bedroom furniture in Lake Worth, and we’ve found that platform beds are quickly gaining in popularity among homeowners.

Why are platform beds so popular? One big reason is because many people are switching to memory foam mattresses. Instead of a traditional box spring, a memory foam mattress needs to rest on a solid platform. Once folks get their new platform beds though, they’re thrilled at how gorgeous and practical the new furniture really is. Here are just a few reasons why folks love platform beds in Florida.

1. No need for a box spring

Whether you choose a traditional mattress or a memory foam model, you’ll find that a box spring is unnecessary when you’re using a platform bed. That can not only save you a bit of money when you’re mattress shopping, but it eliminates a lot of creakiness in your bed.

2. Even support

A box spring only offers mediocre support, because they are built with widely spaced wooden slats. While the slats keep the mattress stable, eventually, the mattress begins to sag. With a solid, smooth platform, you’ll enjoy a much better night’s sleep – and your mattress will last longer as well.

3. Extra storage space

A platform bed offers more space underneath without taking up more space in your room. Some platform beds even come with built-in storage or drawers underneath!

4. A more spacious room

In fact, because you won’t be using a box spring, your bed will have a much sleeker profile. This will make your room feel much more open and spacious.

But whether you’re looking for a platform bed, a traditional bed, or a whole set of bedroom furniture in Lake Worth, call Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet at 561-963-2022, and count on us to have everything that you need.