Discover the Latest Color Trends in Bedroom Furniture in Palm Beach Gardens

Your bedroom is your own little kingdom. It’s your last bastion of privacy – your own personal retreat. So how are you going to decorate it? Do you fill it with all the colors, textures and accessories that you love best?

Before you go wild with your decorating, stop and think about how you use your bedroom. While it should be a place that reflects your personality, it should also be as relaxing as possible. By choosing the right colors, images and textures, you can create a space that helps you to rest, relax and unwind. As you’re choosing your new bedroom furniture in Palm Beach Gardens, here are some tips to help you pick the perfect colors for your bedroom retreat.

Earthy Tones

Modern color trends include a lot of earthy tones, ranging from creams and tans to warm, bright shades. Browns, creams and tans create a more neutral feel that can easily be the backdrop for any style of furniture or décor. It’s an easy foundation to work from, and these shades are almost universally enjoyed.

Warm reds, oranges and yellows are also popular, and they can add the perfect burst of color if used correctly. Be careful though! The wrong shade can easily seem garish rather than warm, so take your time and choose the right hues.

Graceful Grays

Shades of gray are ever popular, as they provide an elegant, neutral palette for your bedroom. Grays are easy on the eyes, and they bring a cool, comfortable vibe to a room. You can decorate the whole room in shades of gray, or you can add some bright bursts of color throughout for a lively, happy space.

Of course, at Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet, we have furniture options to suit any color scheme. We offer a wonderful variety of bedroom furniture in Palm Beach Gardens, so come on by and visit our showroom! Drop by or give us a call at 561-963-2022 and you can discuss your decorating plans with one of our experienced interior decorators. We’ll help you to find the perfect bedroom furniture for your home.