Discover the Latest Trends in Outdoor and Patio Furniture in Boynton Beach

It’s a grand time of year for outdoor events. Folks across the city are lounging on patios, firing up grills and enjoying backyard pool parties with friends. Of course, that means that it’s time to freshen up your outdoor spaces with some brand new patio furniture in Boynton Beach, Florida. Liven up your patio and give it some well-needed TLC after a long winter season and get it ready for loads of summer fun.

This year we’re seeing some wonderful trends in patio furniture in Boynton Beach, Florida, including lots of fresh colors, beautiful neutral tones, and gorgeous attention to detail. It seems that the long winter has put folks in the mood to celebrate the arrival of spring – and the colors we’re seeing are proof of that.

If you’re shopping around for some great new patio furniture, here are some tips on the latest trends:

1. Colors are IN

Folks are leaning toward tropical shades of blue and green rather than the long-popular nautical hues. Perhaps it’s the warm spring breezes that are putting people in the mood for shades of aqua waters, azure skies, and soft sage and celadon.

2. Great Grays

Folks are loving shades of grey in their outdoor furniture – and not just for upholstery. If you’re looking for a more neutral set, you might just love something made of polished steel or weathered grey teak. Even synthetic wicker is being made in gorgeous shades of grey that will put you in mind of well-worn driftwood. A lovely grey patio set makes a stunning backdrop for all the colors of your garden.

3. Details in Design

There’s more attention to detail than we’ve seen in past years. Beautiful scrollwork is cropping up everywhere, and we’re seeing beautiful accents in table bases, chair legs, and upholstery. Regardless of your price point, you’re quite likely to see some wonderful new detail springing up.

Of course, we’ve got the very latest in patio furniture in Boynton Beach, Florida – perfect for a trendy patio update! Drop by or give us a call today at 561-963-2022.