Ditch Your Sleeper for a Space Saving Futon in Palm Beach Gardens!

We’ve all experienced the agony of spending the night on a sleeper sofa. No matter how much was spent on the sleeper, it always feels like you’re sleeping on a rack. The mattress has to be thin enough to fold away neatly, and that means that every spring, wire and screw can be felt right through the minimal padding.

Unless you don’t want your guests sticking around, it’s time to ditch that old sleeper sofa for something much better. Come by and check out our space saving futons in Palm Beach Gardens. You’ll be blown away by how amazingly comfortable these futons are. They’re redefining the world of convertible beds, and we think they may even put those old sleeper sofas out of business altogether!

Not a Klick-Klack

Futons are often confused with inferior products like the cheap klick-klack sofas that so many big discount stores are now offering. The concepts are similar, but a true futon is far superior to the cheap dorm room offerings you’ll find in big box stores.

The space saving futons that we offer in Palm Beach Gardens are built with a strong, sturdy frame and an amazingly comfortable mattress. Because the mattress doesn’t need to be folded away, it offers plenty of padding for a really comfortable sleep. The mattresses aren’t made with springs either, so you never have to deal with lumpy, bumpy bedding.

Long-Lasting Value

Futons are gaining popularity across the country because they solve a long-standing problem. They allow home owners to maintain multi-use spaces while also offering a really comfortable bed for guests. In fact, some folks love our futons so much that they trade their regular mattresses out for our futons! Now that’s saying something!

If you don’t believe it, come on down and try one for yourself. We think you’ll be amazed at the value and comfort packed into our space saving futons in Palm Beach Gardens. To find out about available inventory, pricing and more, pay us a visit or give us a call at 561-963-2022.