Enjoy the Comfort of our Huge Selection of Recliner Couches in Greenacres

At the end of a long day at work, there’s nothing better than kicking back in a great recliner. We think that everyone in your home should be able to enjoy that same comfort, and that’s why we have a huge selection of recliner couches in Greenacres. No one needs to fight over the recliner chair, because we’ve got loveseats and couches that recline too! 

Why Pick a Recliner Couch?

Recliners are comfortable – no contest there – but did you know that recliners are also great for your health? We spend a lot of time in an upright position – either standing or sitting for much of the day. This puts a lot of pressure on the spine and the body systems. You do your body some major favors when you raise your legs above your heart. Not only is the spine able to decompress, but you improve circulation and relieve tension throughout your whole body.

Here are a few reasons to consider recliner couches in Greenacres:

1. Recliners take pressure off of the spine. By stretching out with your feet up, your spine is able to relax and decompress. Most of us don’t get nearly the amount of exercise we need to keep our spines healthy, so using a recliner can relieve some of that built-up stress and release the load on the lumbar spine.

2. Naturally, this relaxation of the spine relieves a lot of back pain. People who have back pain due to pregnancy, injury or overweight find that raising the legs can release that pain and bring massive relief.

3. As the muscles around the spine relax, the circulatory system is able to work more efficiently. Blood flow isn’t restricted by tense muscles, so there is less strain on the heart and better circulation and oxygen dispersion throughout the body.

Try Our Couches!

Come and see for yourself! Kick back on one of our recliner couches in Greenacres, and we think you’ll be convinced that a recliner couch is the way to go. We’ve got options to fit any style of décor, so all you have to do is pick the one you like! Call us today at 561-963-2022.