Find the Best Selection of Kid’s Bedroom Furniture in Lake Worth

When a new baby is on the way, it can be wonderful fun to prepare a room for the new arrival. Picking out colors, designs, and patterns for the furniture and décor in your nursery is a wonderful way to anticipate the baby’s arrival. Of course, there’s a lot more to picking out nursery furniture than basic aesthetics. Babies and small children have unique needs, and their safety and security should be your primary concern. As you browse our selection of kid’s bedroom furniture in Lake Worth, keep these important tips in mind.

1. Choose sturdy pieces

We’ve often seen nursery and kid’s bedroom furniture in Lake Worth that’s obviously not designed with a child in mind. While it might be lovely and whimsical, it’s not built to stand up to regular use. While lightweight, dainty pieces might look adorable, it’s smart to pick out pieces of furniture that are a bit sturdier. A crib in particular, should be very sturdy, since your child will probably use it until two or three years of age.

2. Avoid sharp edges

Fortunately, most children’s furniture is built with safety in mind; however, it’s a good idea to check that all pieces have rounded corners and edges. Toddlers and young children often stumble, and you’ll want to protect their little heads by avoiding sharp corners.

3. Pick safe finishes

While most furniture is generally safe, you’ll want to take extra care in choosing pieces for your child’s room. Babies put just about everything in their mouths, and what’s safe to touch isn’t always safe to taste. Double-check to make sure that all paints, varnishes and finishes are nontoxic.

4. Choose practical pieces

While you might want a few whimsical, cute pieces at first, it’s smart to pick practical anchor pieces that can stick with your child as he grows. Drawers, wardrobes, etc. can be upcycled and should be chosen for long-term use.

As you prepare to welcome your new little one, let us help you prepare a warm, comfortable, safe room. We have a wonderful selection of kid’s bedroom furniture in Lake Worth, and we’ll be happy to provide just what you need, whether you visit or call us at 561-963-2022.