Furniture Outlet in West Palm Beach Provides Factory Direct Pricing

Is it time to give your dining room an overhaul? Come and pay us a visit at Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet where we offer factory direct pricing on all of our products! Our furniture outlet in West Palm Beach is the ideal place to find all of your furniture needs - and we’ll help you to save a bundle in the process!

How to Decorate Your Dining Room

The central element of any dining room is a solid table. There are loads of style and design options at our furniture outlet in West Palm Beach, and we’re able to accommodate your unique preferences. As you browse though, remember to keep size in mind. You should allow at least three feet of space all the way around the table so that people can move comfortably. You should also plan about two feet of table space for each place setting.

Chairs are your next element, and here’s where you can either go traditional or get creative. While most folks simply buy a dining set with matching chairs and table, you could also opt to mix and match styles. When you pair a table and chairs in different yet complimentary styles and finishes, you end up with an eclectic, casual look.

If space allows, a buffet or sideboard is an excellent addition to any dining room. The extra counter space will always come in handy when you’re serving large meals, and when you buy a piece with cabinets, you get extra storage space for your entertaining essentials.

Once your dining room is furnished, it’s time to soften it up a little. You’ve added a lot of hard surfaces with a table, chairs and buffet, so you’ll want to add some soft textiles for warmth and textural interest. A rug adds instant warmth and beauty, and chair cushions or slip covers can bring the whole look together.

Remember that at our furniture outlet in West Palm Beach, we’re always here to help. Visit us any time, or get in touch by phone at 561-963-2022.