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If you’ve just moved into your dream home, you probably want to start furnishing and decorating right away. The best part of owning a home is being able to fill it with beautiful, unique pieces of furniture and decor. Of course, if you can get everything you want in one place, that’s all the better!

Before you start shopping around for furniture, come and visit our furniture outlet store in Boynton Beach. We have everything you could possibly want for a well-designed home! Plus, when you shop with us, you can count on the best bargain prices in town.

How are we able to offer such low prices? We know that you’re always looking for a great deal, so we do the footwork for you. We have connections with some of the best designers, importers, and manufacturers in the country. We know that sometimes they get stuck with too much inventory and nowhere to send it. We swoop in and scoop it all up at rock bottom prices - and then we turn around and offer those savings to you!

Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet has been the go-to furniture outlet store in Boynton Beach since 1988. We’re a family owned and operated business, and we’re all about value. We’re serious about saving our customers money, so we work hard to deliver the very best prices in town.

Whether you’re looking for a single unique piece, or a house-full of furniture, count on our team at Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet to deliver. From great savings to expert design advice, we’re here to help you create the home of your dreams. So come and pay us a visit at our furniture outlet store in Boynton Beach, and score some great savings on furniture for every room in your house.

Master Bedroom Furniture

Did you know that many homeowners leave their bedroom decor for last? They’ll spend a lot of time and effort furnishing sumptuous living rooms, gorgeous dining rooms, and even well-organized home offices before they ever get around to upgrading their bedrooms.

But isn’t it about time to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury? After all, your bedroom is where you retreat at the end of the day. Why not turn it into a true retreat, complete with the comfortable, beautiful features that you deserve?

Plus, once you see the prices of our bedroom furniture in Boynton Beach, you won’t have an excuse left. We make it awfully easy to treat yourself because we think you deserve a little luxury.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

While you're at it, why not treat your little ones to some lovely new furniture? The right bedroom setup can do wonders for your child's sense of well-being and comfort. Not only will your child be more comfortable, but they'll be able to stay more organized as well. It's a win-win all round.

Whether you're designing a nursery in pastel shades, or a whimsical wonderland for your little dreamer, we have the perfect pieces for you. We'll help you to find the perfect foundation pieces that will grow with your child, and we'll help you to pick out the accents and accessories that will make your child's room a fun, comfortable, and wonderful space.

Living Room Furniture

The living room is the heart of the home. It’s where you relax with family. It’s where you entertain. It’s where you unwind. In most homes, the living room is the most multi-functional space - and the room that gets the most use. So shouldn’t your living room get lots of special attention when it comes to furnishing and decorating?

That’s why we focus on providing extra good deals on our living room furniture in Boynton Beach. We’re always on the lookout for gorgeous, comfortable, and practical pieces (and collections) that we know you’ll love. From breezy coastal styles to sumptuous leather sofas to cozy cottage chic accents, we’ve got everything you need for a stunning, well-designed, and truly comfortable living room.

Dining Room Furniture

Holidays are right around the corner! While you might be spending most of your time enjoying the long summer days outdoors, the holiday season will be here sooner than you think. Before long, you’ll be hosting family dinners and gathering to celebrate another year of special occasions.

Why not make this year extra special with a gorgeous new dining set? At Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet, we offer some of the best deals on dining room furniture in Boynton Beach. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern, something cozy and rustic, or something with a bit of formal elegance, we’ve got just what you want - and at the best prices!

Home Theater Furniture

And for all the media fanatics out there, we’ve got you covered too. Most folks think that a home theater is an unattainable luxury, but we’re proving that wrong. When you see the incredible prices on our home theater furniture here in Boynton Beach, you’ll be absolutely thrilled.

Come and check out our full collection of awesome home theater seating. We’ve got barebones seating at phenomenal prices, and we’ve got home theater seats that are fully loaded with all the accessories you can dream of. No matter how big your home theater plans are, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll always save you money along they way.

Patio Furniture

If there’s one thing we get plenty of in Boynton Beach, it’s sunshine! So every smart resident tends to invest plenty in comfortable outdoor setups. In fact, most folks around here so so far as to set up a full living and dining area outdoors to take full advantage of the gorgeous breezes and comfortable temperature.

Whether you’re new to town or your patio is just due for an upgrade, come and check out our collections of patio here at Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet. We’ve got every style option you could want, and so many gorgeous pieces that you’ll hardly know where to start. And of course, you’ll never find better prices than right here at the furniture outlet.

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Before you shop anywhere else, come and pay us a visit at our furniture outlet store in Boynton Beach. We guarantee the very best products, on-point styles, and rock bottom prices on everything you could want for your home. So visit us today and start saving!