Get a Good Night’s Rest Knowing You Got the Best Deal on Your Serta Mattress in Greenacres!

Do you need a new mattress? Are you intimidated by all the options available? When you shop at Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet, you’re not only getting the very best deals on Serta mattress near Greenacres, but you can take advantage of our professional help in your selection process.

As you start shopping for mattresses, here are a few pro tips to help you enjoy the process a little more. After all, mattress shopping should be fun – especially when you’ve got so many great deals on Serta mattress to choose from!

1. List your needs

While you might not know the exact firmness or style of mattress you want, you can decide on dimensions before you head out the door. If you want a king size mattress, decide if you want a standard king or California king. Measure you room, and make sure that you don’t buy more mattress than you can comfortably accommodate. If you already have a bedframe, make sure to measure it too so that you get the right height, width and length.

2. Do some research

We carry the full iComfort line of Serta mattresses, so it might be a good idea to do a little research on the benefits of each one. You can narrow down your options considerably by knowing which ones are firmer, which ones are softer, and which ones have special features. Our full collection includes:

  • Prodigy EverFeel
  • Savant EverFeel Plush
  • Savant EverFeel Firm
  • Genius EverFeel
  • Insight EverFeel
  • Inception
  • Acumen
  • Acumen Firm
  • Reinvention
  • Epic
  • Brilliant EFX
  • Visionary EFX Plush
  • Visionary EFX Cushion Firm
  • Intellectual EFX
  • Aura EFX


Remember that many of these will look similar, so knowing the names will really help you in your selection process.

3. Compare, compare, compare

We want you to find the perfect comfort level, so take your time as you check out all of our Serta mattress. Take a few minutes to relax on each mattress, resting in the position you usually sleep in. Once you’ve try each one out, you can eliminate the ones that don’t feel right until you find your perfect new mattress.

Remember that all of our Serta mattress near Greenacres come with a 10 year unlimited warranty and free delivery, so hurry in or give us a call at 561-963-2022.