Get a Good Night’s Rest Knowing You Got the Best Deal on Your Serta Mattresses in West Palm Beach

Do you spend most nights tossing and turning? Before you start taking any extreme measures, stop and figure out how long you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress? Have you been sleeping on your mattress for more than seven years? If so, that might be the source of all your troubles. Don’t fret though! This is a great time to swap out your old mattress because we’re running an awesome sale on Serta mattresses at our store near West Palm Beach!

We carry the full line of iComfort Serta mattresses, including:

  • Prodigy EverFeel
  • Savant EverFeel Plush
  • Savant EverFeel Firm
  • Genius EverFeel
  • Insight EverFeel
  • Inception
  • Acumen
  • Acumen Firm
  • Reinvention
  • Epic
  • Brilliant EFX
  • Visionary EFX Plush
  • Visionary EFX Cushion Firm
  • Intellectual EFX
  • Aura EFX
  • Avila


There’s no better time than now to start sleeping better. So ask yourself:

How do I feel in the morning?

Do you wake up stiff and achy? Do you often wake up with a headache or a stiff neck? Your mattress could very well be the culprit. An old mattress begins to sag, and eventually, it just doesn’t provide the even, reliable support that your body needs for a comfortable night’s sleep.

How does your old mattress look?

Maybe your mattress is even showing its age. If you can see noticeable dips, bulges and sagging spots, it’s definitely time for a mattress upgrade. When you can actually judge your mattress by the way it looks, that’s a clear indication that it’s ready for retirement.

How does it feel?

Do a bounce test. Sit on your bed and bounce a little. Does the mattress spring back under your weight, or does it sag without much of a rebound? Old, worn out springs aren’t going to provide the support you need as you sleep.

So quit tossing and turning! Drop by our furniture outlet and score some great savings on a brand new Serta mattress! After all, everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Call us at 561-963-2022 to find out more about our Serta mattress collection in West Palm Beach.