Get High Quality at Low Prices at Our Ashley Furniture Store in Palm Beach Gardens

A house isn’t a home without the right furniture. Your furniture reflects your personality. It creates an ambiance and communicates your style, your values and your unique tastes to each person who visits. There are myriad options for styles, colors, materials and patterns, and you can find everything you need right down the road at our Ashley Furniture Store in Palm Beach Gardens. Whether you’re looking for a cottage style dining set, some stunning patio furniture, or a bedroom set for the kids, we’ve got just what you need.

But how do you pick the right furniture? How do you know that what you’re getting is going to last? Here are a few tips on picking the right furniture for your home.

1. Choose Quality over Quantity

It’s better to buy a few high quality pieces than a house full of cheap junk. Accessories and decorations are comparatively cheap, and they can be changed out easily; however large pieces of furniture – items like dining tables, sofas, and beds – should be long-term purchases.

Learn to recognize quality. Take a close look at the construction of each piece. Find out about the frame, the materials used, the components, and even the warranty. Talk to the staff and get your questions answered before making a final decision.

2. Choose Value over Price

Buying a cheap piece of furniture saves money, right? Wrong! The truth is, you’re going to have to replace that cheap item in just a few years. When you add up all the replacements, you’re far better off investing in a solid, high-quality piece from the start. Look for brands with a good reputation, and you’ll be better off.

3. Look for Expertise

When you’re shopping at our Ashley Furniture Store in Palm Beach Gardens, you’ll see that each of our team has considerable expertise in the field – and that’s how it should be. Ask about our products, our pricing, our suppliers, or anything else you might be interested in, and we’ll give you solid answers. We stand behind our products so that you can buy with confidence.

To find out more about the products, pricing and inventory at our Ashley Furniture Store in Palm Beach Gardens, drop by or give us a call at 561-963-2022.