Get Old-School Style with a Modern Twist with Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Palm Beach Gardens

The mid-century modern style is coming back in a big way; however, it can be hard to achieve the look without going overboard. Certain retro elements are super popular, and really quite gorgeous, while others are best left in the past. If you love the look of our mid-century modern furniture in Palm Beach Gardens, but you don’t want your home to look like a time capsule, read on to find out how to put a modern spin on a classic look.

Choose Clean Lines

You’ll notice that our mid-century modern furniture in Palm Beach Gardens offers beautiful clean, simple lines. Most mid-century modern pieces are made of teak (or other light woods), and they are constructed to show off the natural beauty of the wood grain. Let those gorgeous wood details shine because they really are the star of mid-century modern design.

Choose Natural Hues

A great way to showcase those gorgeous wood grains is to use neutral, natural tones and soft, understated fabrics in your décor. That’s not to say that you can’t make bold color choices; but do be careful to choose natural tones that accent and enhance your furniture.

Choose Elegant Subtlety

Mid-century modern furniture is so timeless because of its thoughtful craftsmanship and subtlety in design. You’ll notice that most pieces of furniture are trimmed down to their most essential elements – without any extraneous parts. You won’t find fancy scrollwork or hardware. In fact, you’ll often find that drawers and cabinets are built without knobs or pulls.

Choose Retro Accessories

Accent your mid-century modern styled home with really great pieces of vintage art and accessories. It can be hard to find genuine pieces from this era, but there are plenty of spot-on replicas that fit perfectly in a mid-century modern home. Flea markets can be wonderful sources of genuine décor, however, there are also some wonderful modern designers who are mimicking the lovely mid-century modern style today.

Of course, your number one source for all mid-century modern furniture in Palm Beach Gardens is right here at Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet. We have wonderful collections and unique pieces to fit any home, so drop by or give us a call at 561-963-2022 to find the perfect furniture for your home.