Get the Best Deals at our Patio Furniture Superstore in Lake Worth

Warm weather is here, folks, and it’s time for backyard barbecues and long evenings on the patio. But is your backyard ready for summer fun? If your outdoor spaces are in need of a little TLC, then come on down to our patio furniture superstore in Lake Worth. We’ll get you set up with some gorgeous patio furniture that will dazzle your guests all year long!

Getting your patio ready for guests isn’t a tough task. It might take a bit of time and elbow grease, but with a little work and some lovely patio furniture, you’ll be ready in no time. Here’s a handy checklist for your summer patio prep:

1. Clean

If you’re late to the game, it’s ok to do your spring cleaning during the summer months. Give your patio a good wash down, and if necessary, give it a fresh coat of paint or sealant. Hose down patio furniture as well to clear the dust and dirt that built up over the winter months.

2. Prune

Yards tend to get a bit overgrown during the spring time. Prune back any unruly growth and get your plants and lawn back in shape. Check your trees and shrubs for any dead growth, and get rid of any unhealthy branches so that your plants can grow in strong.

3. Plant

Put in some bright new annuals for lively bursts of color. It’s easiest to plant your annuals in pots, but don’t be afraid to go a little wild with it. No one ever complained about too much beauty!

4. Furnish

Once your patio is clean and clear, it’s time to bring in some new patio furniture. Clear out any existing pieces that are broken or ratty-looking, and pick up some gorgeous new pieces from our store in Lake Worth. We’ve got everything you need for a beautifully furnished deck or patio, so come and spend the day browsing our gorgeous selections and collections. For any specific requests or questions, feel free to get in touch at 561-963-2022.