How to Keep Your Leather Furniture Looking Brand New in Palm Beach Gardens

Leather furniture adds a unique comfort and luxury to your living spaces; however, well-made leather furniture is a significant investment. Leather is one of the most wonderful upholstery materials because (with the right care) it just improves with age. As time goes by, the leather will soften and become more and more comfortable. An old, yet well cared for piece of leather furniture can practically become a family heirloom!

Of course, when you’re buying leather furniture in Palm Beach Gardens, you want to make sure that you know how to care for it. If you’re going to invest in the luxury and comfort of leather, it’s a good idea to keep in in good shape. Here are a few simple tips to keep your leather furniture in tip-top shape.

Keep it Cool

Leather will stiffen and crack when it gets too much heat. Avoid placing your good leather sofas right near a window with direct sunlight, and never keep your leather seats too close to a fireplace.

Keep it Clean

The wonderful thing about leather is that it’s so easy to keep clean. Wipe your leather furniture down with a soft cloth to keep it dust-free. Be careful about using a damp cloth though. Test an inconspicuous spot to see if the material is absorbent or not.

Spills are easily cleaned up, but make sure to blot rather than wipe. Blotting a spill will draw the moisture out rather than spreading it around. Once you’ve cleaned up as much as you can, just let the rest air-dry.

Keep it Conditioned

It’s a good idea to use a leather conditioner once or twice a year to keep the material from drying out. Avoid using any other soaps or cleaning products though, as these can damage the leather.

By following these simple care tips, the leather furniture that you buy in Palm Beach Gardens should last you a lifetime. We have a wonderful variety of leather seats, sofas and more, so drop by or give us a call at 561-963-2022 to find the perfect pieces for your home.