Enjoy the Comfort of our Huge Selection of Recliner Couches in West Palm Beach

What’s better than a recliner in your living room? A whole recliner couch! If your single recliner is everyone’s favorite chair, why not swap out your old couches for some of our gorgeous (and extremely comfortable) recliner couches? At Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet, we’ve got one of the largest selections of recliner couches in West Palm Beach, so you’re sure to find the perfect sofa setup for your home.

Recliner sofas are great because they let everyone kick back comfortably. You can pick a couch that reclines on one side or both sides. You can even find styles that recline in all three sections! Now no one has to fight over the recliner, and your whole family can enjoy the living room comfortably.

Couches, like any other piece of furniture in your home, must be picked to fit your personal tastes. We know that no two homes are quite the same, so we offer a huge variety of recliner couches in West Palm Beach. You can drop by and try out all the different options, but it’s always a good idea to come with your criteria in mind. Here are a few key pointers to consider when you’re picking out a recliner couch at our store:

1. Space

Most recliners need to be positioned 12-16 inches from the wall so that they can recline properly. There are space-saving models that can hug the wall, but these typically cost a bit more.

2. Layout

Do you want one large sectional couch or a traditional sofa or loveseat? Do you want modular pieces that can be split up? Decide how you want your living room to be set up.

3. Look

Finally, decide on the color and fabric you want. Unless you’re redecorating your whole living room, it’s best to match your new sofa to your existing furniture, so pick your upholstery and colors accordingly.

Still not sure exactly what you want? Drop by and test our seats for yourself! Sometimes the best way to pick a sofa is to kick back and find one that feels right. We’ve got plenty of recliner couches in West Palm Beach, so call us at 561-963-2022, or pay us a visit in our lovely showroom.