Learn How to Decorate With Resin Wicker Furniture in Palm Beach Gardens

Wicker furniture isn’t just for outdoor spaces! While wicker and rattan are most often found on patios, decks and alongside pools, our gorgeous resin wicker furniture can work beautifully in any room in your house. The breezy, natural look of wicker brings a relaxed, peaceful feel to indoor spaces, and it adds a wonderful compliment to cottage or vintage styled homes.

Choose Your Space

Too much wicker can be a bit overwhelming; however, the right pieces in the right space can be absolutely wonderful. Sunrooms and patios are natural spots for resin wicker furniture in Palm Beach Gardens, and wicker pieces can add a bit of casual elegance to a living room, office or family space.

Soften it Up

Some wicker furniture comes complete with upholstery; however, not all does. When you buy resin wicker furniture in Palm Beach Gardens, make sure to pick up some soft cushions for added comfort. Find cushions that blend well with the breezy natural look of your wicker furniture. Greens, yellows and shades of white and tan work beautifully, and natural prints work perfectly with the woven look of wicker.

Go Exotic

While this tip might not be to everyone’s tastes, you can consider playing to the exotic feel of wicker furniture by incorporating animal prints throughout your décor. Wild animal print rugs or throw pillows draw attention to the organic beauty of the woven wicker fibers. Just make sure to pair louder prints with cushions and drapes in solid colors for a harmonious décor.

Bring the Outdoors In

Live potted plants really round out a room furnished with wicker. Bring in lush green plants and live flowers for a peaceful, tropical ambiance. You can even place your larger plants in wicker baskets for a cohesive look.

We have wicker furniture in all shapes, styles and sizes. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find the perfect resin wicker furniture in Palm Beach Gardens right here at Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet. Pay us a visit, or get in touch with our furniture experts at 561-963-2022 for great tips, advice, and help in finding the perfect pieces for your home.