Made in the USA Furniture in West Palm Beach

Picking out the perfect furniture can be tricky. Not only do you need to pick the right shades, materials and patterns, but you’ve got to choose carefully so that each piece lasts. Picking out a piece just because you “love it” or because it seems like a bargain can lead to disaster down the line. Cheap, poorly made furnishings are expensive bargains, and more often than not, that cheap furniture will begin to fall apart before long.

We offer a wide variety of high quality made in the USA furniture in West Palm Beach. When it’s made here, you know you’re getting quality. It takes a little more care and time to buy high quality items, but we’ve got some great tips to make your task a little easier:

Check the Frame

Most furniture is made with either a synthetic or wooden frame, or a combination of the two. Check the quality of the frame, and look closely for any flaws. If it’s truly made in the USA furniture in West Palm Beach, it’ll be pretty easy to identify the quality workmanship in the frame.

Check the Cushions

Not all filling is created equal, and the same goes for upholstery. Unzip cushions and see exactly what materials are used for filling. Some filling is cheap and will disintegrate quickly, so choose cautiously.

Check for Quality Components

“Real wood” doesn’t necessarily mean real quality, and “like leather” doesn’t mean real leather. Know your wood before buying a cheap item, and don’t shell out a whole lot for faux leather.

Check for Weakness

Don’t be afraid to look for flaws. If a couch creaks and sags in the store, chances are, it’ll only get worse once you bring it home. Discount stores know how to dress products up so that they look like quality, but with a discerning eye, you can avoid the expensive bargains.

Choose Quality

You shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the furniture you purchase, and when you shop with us, you can always count on sturdy, made in the USA furniture in West Palm Beach. To find out more about the quality of our products, stop by or give us a call at 561-963-2022.