Mid-Century Modern Furniture in West Palm Beach

Do you love the gorgeous clean lines and minimalistic style of Swedish and Danish modern furniture? Then visit our showroom and check out some of our stunning mid-century modern furniture in West Palm Beach!

We love mid-century modern styled furniture for its clean lines and simple, sleek design. The style was all the rage during the 1950s and 1960s, but it has come back in a big way recently, and we’ve got all the furniture you need to recreate that minimalistic modern look.

What is Mid-Century Modern?

It’s a huge category, so it can become a little jumbled at times. The style was actually developed early in the 20th century, and first really garnered interest around 1939. In previous centuries, furniture tended to be heavy and dark with intricate woodworking and carvings. After World War II, materials were in short supply, and furniture makers started using whatever types of wood and products were available. This is evident in the thrifty design so common to mid-century furniture.

European designers like Alavar Aalto began producing stunning pieces in this style, also known as Scandinavian Modern. They used elements like bleached plywood, oak, birch, and teak, leaving the wood bleached or light colored – a stark departure from the dark, heavy woods used earlier in the century. Upholstery was also lightened up with thin padding, light colored linens, bleached leather, and newly available vinyl.

This style became all the rage amongst folks who wanted the most modern decorating trends. While the trend started with seating and accent tables, the style was quickly applied to bedroom furniture, office furniture and even dining sets.

Mid-Century Modern Today

While the style waned for several decades, it has come back in recent years. Many homeowners love the sleek, clean style as it offers a spa-like serenity to every space. It works beautifully both in large and small spaces, and the clean lines and light coloring can be adapted to meet any designer’s dream.

Whether you’re looking for a specific piece to round out your collection, or you’re redesigning your entire living space, drop by and see our beautiful mid-century modern furniture in West Palm Beach. If you’re looking for something special, you can always get in touch with us at 561-963-2022.