Now’s the Time to Save Big on Our Patio Furniture Selection in Greenacres

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s a wonderful time to start enjoying your outdoor spaces. We’re offering some great deals on patio furniture in Greenacres>, and now’s the time to get your yard ready for spring. It’s not too hard to get your patio ready for the warm days ahead, and with our simple decorating tips and gorgeous patio furniture in Greenacres, your patio will be ready in no time.

Pick a Theme

We love themed spaces. You don’t have to decorate according to a theme, but it can give your space a sense of balance and direction. Some folks are great at working with mixed and matched pieces and styles, but we’ve found that it can be much easier to get a great looking patio when you work with a theme in mind.

Provide Shade

While the weather might be lovely now, you’ll definitely want some shade once summer hits. By installing an awning – or even just a patio umbrella – you’ll make your patio space much more comfortable on those long summer afternoons.

Decorate with Nature

What better way to decorate than to use plants and flowers? Capitalize on the space you have by using different plants and mediums in appropriate areas. You can have a whole variety of luscious green and color by planting shade and sun plants in their respective spaces.

Add Light

String lighting to give your patio a romantic, warm feel. You can use simple Christmas lights, or you can go all out with built-in fixtures or lanterns.

Bring in the Furniture!

Now all that’s left is a great set of patio furniture – and we’ve got you covered. Come on by and check out our fantastic selection of patio furniture in Greenacres. No matter what theme you’re shooting for, we’ve got furniture to fit. Or if you’re looking to mix and match, we’ve got hundreds of gorgeous individual pieces that will make your patio dazzle. Looking for something a little special? Give us a call at 561-963-2022 and we’ll be happy to help you out.