Now’s the Time to Save Big on Patio Furniture in West Palm Beach

With all the sunshine we get here in West Palm Beach, it’s almost a shame to spend time indoors. If you’re just loving our gorgeous, balmy weather, then you might just want to think about turning your patio into an outdoor living room. With our prices on patio furniture in West Palm Beach, you can take full advantage of your outdoor spaces and start enjoying the gorgeous Florida weather year-round.

As you start browsing our selection of patio furniture in West Palm Beach, here are a few tips to help you design the perfect outdoor retreat for your family and friends. Once you’re done, your patio will be the place everyone wants to be!

1. Section off a space

To create a real “living room” feel, it’s a good idea to section off a space by creating “walls”. Obviously, you aren’t going to build real walls in your garden, but you can create that cozy feel artificially. The outside wall of your house serves one side, and use a variety of plants to section off another side. A decorative screen or fire pit hints at another wall, creating a very cozy space for you to relax.

2. Lay a rug

An outdoor rug helps that space to feel more like a living room than a mere grouping of patio furniture. There are some great all-weather rugs that hold up beautifully in sun and rain without fading. Choose a color that goes well with the rest of your furnishings, and try to pick accessories that tie everything together.

3. Pick furniture

Think about how you would furnish an indoor living room, and go for similar outdoor pieces. An outdoor sofa and a few armchairs provide a lovely conversation area, while a cocktail table and a few accent tables provide space for drinks and snacks.

It’s not difficult to create beautiful outdoor spaces – especially when you take advantage of our rock bottom prices on patio furniture in West Palm Beach! Drop by sometime soon, or give us a call at 561-963-2022.