Quality American Made Furniture in Greenacres

Whether you’re purchasing a small accent table or a full dining set, it can be hard to know how much to spend. Do you save a little and go for the economical piece? Or do you spend a little extra and get something that seems sturdier? If you like both pieces equally, it can be hard to know if the more expensive piece is worth the investment.

At Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet we sell American made furniture in Greenacres because we believe that it’s the best investment you can make in your home. It’s actually easy to identify high quality furniture simply by looking at the way it was manufactured. Many “economical” pieces will look good at a glance, but they really won’t hold up under scrutiny.

How to Choose Quality Furniture

So how do you choose truly high quality American made furniture in Greenacres? Here are some tips:

1. Look at the Materials

While particle board is common in cheap build-it-yourself packages, quality furniture will still be made out of solid wood or premium plywood. You’ll be able to see and feel the sturdiness of the piece, and even the smallest components will be noticeably stronger than the cheaper alternatives.

2. Feel the Finish

Quality pieces of furniture will be smooth to the touch. Finish coats, including varnish and stain, will be applied in an even, uniform coat. If the finish is uneven or spotty, it’s a sign that care wasn’t taken in constructing the piece.

3. Check Bracing and Joints

Sufficient care should be taken to ensure the long life of your furniture. Tables should be fitted with bracing (either steel or counter blocks) at stress points to prevent cracking under pressure. Drawers should be constructed with dovetail joints to ensure that the fronts won’t loosen over time.

Where to Find Quality Furniture

Come and see why we offer American made furniture in Greenacres. It’s truly the best investment you can make in your home. Our pieces will last you for a lifetime – and beyond! Drop by or call us at 561-963-2022.