Score Some Great Savings on Home Theater Furniture in West Palm Beach

A home theater is the dream of every movie buff in the country. Everyone loves going to the cinema; but wouldn’t it be awesome to recreate that experience right in the comfort of your home? You might be surprised to find that it’s not such a far-fetched idea after all. All you really need is the right furniture, the right room, and a good audio-visual set up.

While we can’t provide the last two, we do have a fantastic variety of home theater furniture in West Palm Beach. Whether you’re setting up a casual family theater or a luxurious screening room, you’ll find everything you need – and more – at Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet. As you plan out your new home theater, here are a few tips to consider

1. Picking your room

If you have options, it’s a good idea to choose a rectangular room for your home theater. Square rooms can cause odd effects on your acoustics, so a rectangular room is best sound-wise. Set up your display and speakers on a short wall for the best sound.

2. Plan your acoustics

Hard surfaces won’t help your acoustics any. Cover windows with heavy curtains or shades, and avoid using framed art with glass. Drywall is actually a good wall surface for a home theater, so don’t worry about hanging baffles to muffle sound further.

3. Choose your color scheme

Pick colors that are darker – especially for your walls. Bright, reflective walls and furniture will be distracting when your screen is brightly lit. Also, avoid glossy paints or surfaces (like glass coffee tables) for the same reason.

4. Pick your furnishings

Along the same lines, go for neutral tans, browns, and even blacks for your furniture. We have a great selection of colors in our home theater furniture in West Palm Beach, and you’re sure to find exactly what you need to complete your scheme.

Remember that you’ll always find the best deals on the finest furniture at Carolina Furniture Outlet. Come on by and check out our home theater furniture in West Palm Beach, or give us a call at 561-963-2022 for info on specific items.