Serta Memory Foam Mattresses in West Palm Beach at Factory Direct Pricing

Have you been thinking about buying a Serta memory foam mattress in West Palm Beach? Take a look at this quick list of tips before you swing by our store for the very best prices in town! Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet offers factory direct pricing on one of the best brands in the industry.

What is memory foam?

There’s been a lot of hype over memory foam mattresses in recent years, and many major mattress makers have come out with their own line of memory foam products. Brands aside, memory foam is a new type of viscoelastic material that is pressure- and temperature-sensitive. This means that it conforms to the weight and heat of your body as you sleep, eliminating uncomfortable pressure points and providing evenly distributed support throughout the night.

Can I use a memory foam mattress on my bed frame?

That depends on the type of bed you currently own. Memory foam mattresses don’t need a box spring, and it’s best to use a platform style bed that provides an even base. While you can rest your mattress on slats (if they’re not too far apart), your mattress will last longer and stay in better shape when it’s on a solid surface.

How do I choose the right thickness?

If you’ve shopped around for Serta memory foam mattresses in West Palm Beach, you’ve seen that memory foam mattresses range from about 8” to over 13”. Typically, a greater thickness is going to indicate a firmer mattress.

How should I choose the right density?

You’ve probably seen a density measuring on various mattresses. Memory foam density is measured in pounds. The lower the number, the less dense (and the less firm) the mattress will be. If you sleep on your side, go for a lower number. If you like a firm mattress, look for a higher density.

Of course, the best way to shop for Serta memory foam mattresses in West Palm Beach is to swing by our store and try them out for yourself! Relax and try as many mattresses as you like. Once you’ve picked the one you want, we’ll get it delivered right to your door. Call us for more information on our full line of mattresses at 561-963-2022.