Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture at Factory Outlet Pricing in West Palm Beach

One of the biggest decisions you’ll face when shopping for furniture is this: should you invest in solid wood furniture? With so many cheaper options on the market, it can be tempting to choose something a little less pricey. When you evaluate the true value of solid wood furniture though, we think you’ll see that it’s worth the extra cost. Plus, when you see our rock bottom prices on solid wood bedroom furniture in West Palm Beach, the decision won’t be all that difficult after all!

The Problem with Veneer

The furniture market has been flooded with cheap veneer furniture in recent years. This cheap furniture is readily available everywhere – from big box stores to online vendors. It’s priced to fit into nearly any budget, which makes it very appealing for new homeowners. The deal seems even sweeter when you see all the gorgeous finishes that are available. In fact, some actually look like more exotic, expensive types of wood!

Unfortunately, all that beauty is only skin deep. Right beneath that gorgeous veneer is cheap particleboard, held together with flimsy hardware and glue. It’s lightweight furniture that is easily damaged. It’s no surprise then, that most of this furniture ends up in the trash within just a few years.

The Benefit of Hardwood

Now compare veneer to the natural beauty of real hardwood, and there’s hardly a competition. When you compare the durability and longevity of the two materials, the contest is over. While hardwood furniture is an initial investment, you’ll thank yourself in the long run as your furniture will last for decades.

Well-built wooden furniture is amazingly durable. Even if it starts to look worn on the surface, it’s a simple job to refinish and restore it to its original beauty. When you invest in a set of our solid wood bedroom furniture in West Palm Beach, you’re investing in the future – something that your kids, and even your grandkids can enjoy for years to come.

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