Spice Up Your Home with Our Cottage Furniture in Greenacres

This year, cottage furniture is one of the most popular styles in interior design. It’s a very unique style that takes a lot of influence from the look of vacation homes and cottages. These homes were typically filled with mixed and matched pieces. The furnishings didn’t look like a “set”, but that created an interesting vibe throughout the house.

Over time, the style has evolved into a true design style officially called “cottage”. We love using cottage furniture in Greenacres because it makes a home feel minimalistic, clean and relaxing. The style has perfectly captured that “vacation” vibe with its clean lines and minimal accents. If you’re looking to create a calm, relaxed and casual-cool environment in your home, cottage furniture is definitely the way to go.

How to Capture Cottage Style Décor

Cottage style décor involves more than just great furniture – though we’ve got that covered. There are various elements that combine with cottage furniture to make a home feel fresh and relaxing, yet warm and inviting.

1. Use a Neutral Palette – Neutral colors are clean and pleasing to the eye. Use shades of beige, tan, white and eggshell to capture that perfect cottage vibe.

2. Bring the Outdoors In – Great cottage décor involves a lot of outdoor elements. If you can incorporate exposed wood in your ceilings or walls, that’s a wonderful way to introduce a natural texture.

3. Old is Beautiful – Cottage furniture is typically minimal and slightly aged or distressed. This makes pieces look a bit weathered, and thus, they blend smoothly into the natural colors and surroundings.

4. Add Pops of Color – While an all-neutral room might be elegant, the cottage style is about fun too. Add bursts of color here and there by incorporating some lovely pillows and decorative elements.

Come on by and check out all of our lovely cottage furniture in Greenacres. We’ve got pieces to fit any scheme you might be planning, so let our team help you find the elements you’re missing. Whether you’re looking for one piece or a whole set, you can find it here, so drop by or give us a call at 561-963-2022.