Stylish Furniture isn’t a Luxury – Visit a Great Outlet Store Close to Boynton Beach

Style is not about paying the highest possible price for designer furniture. In fact, you can get beautiful and luxurious pieces at affordable prices if you’re smart about furniture shopping. A wonderful furniture outlet store that’s located a short drive away from Boynton Beach could be the answer to your questions.

The name of the store is Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet. We’ve been in business since 1988 and we’ve come up with a clever option for giving our clients access to superior pieces at a fraction of the typical cost.

How does it work? We’re glad you’ve asked!

At Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet, we make use of a simple and clever solution. Importers will quite often end up with a huge inventory that they simply can’t deal with. We work directly with these importers, getting designer furniture at a much lower price. In addition, we work with manufacturers and designers to expand our catalog even further. Our furniture outlet store visitors can also choose in-store designer services or our custom-made upholstery products to make their purchases unique.

If you live in Boynton Beach, you should definitely come by and visit our store. Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet is a family-owned business and we believe in attention to detail/superb customer services. When you come to our store, you’ll get to choose among the following exciting furniture possibilities:

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture, especially a solid king bed, can be quite expensive. Not any more! We have modern and trendy bedroom furniture that will please just about everyone, regardless of style and preferences.

It’s time to give your bedroom a makeover and turn it in the comfortable, relaxing oasis that you’ve always dreamed about. You work hard and you also need to relax in the best possible way. Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet makes this possible.

Kid's Bedroom Furniture

Changing your child’s room for a special occasion is a wonderful way to celebrate. In addition, as kids grow, their needs change. An older child or a teenager will require certain pieces of furniture that a younger kid can definitely go without. We have a huge selection of child bedroom furniture. Whether you have a theme that you’d like to execute or you’ll simply like to freshen up the interior, you’ll be more than pleased with our products.

Dining Room Furniture

Exciting evenings with family and friends in the dining room are probably the best way to end a busy day.

At our Boynton Beach furniture outlet store, you’ll come across all of the necessities – beautiful and solid tables, chairs and cupboards. We have hand-crafted mahogany, luxurious leather and other sophisticated materials for the perfect dining room interior.

Living Room Furniture

A soft and comfy sofa is just the beginning. Your living room is a place where you spend a lot of time, which is why it has to be furnished and decorated perfectly.

Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Those hot summer days should definitely be spent in the backyard, eating ice cream and playing games with the children. A relaxing outdoor corner needs specialized furniture. For long evenings in the warm weather, you’ll need at least a few chairs, a table and a couple of loungers. Needless to say, you can choose many other exquisite items from our patio furniture collection, as well.

Home Theater Furniture

The ultimate home theater experience necessitates the purchase of luxurious furniture. If you plan to have a movie marathon in the near future, you should most definitely have the entertainment corner in your living room upgraded.

Choose Style and Sophistication, Visit Our Outlet Store

We’re a leader in South Florida because of the sophisticated solutions and the affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to pay us a visit and explore the collection for yourself. Give us a call today at 561-963-2022 if you have any questions or specialized request – we’ll be more than happy to help you.