The Benefits of Buying American Made Furniture in Palm Beach Gardens

Are you tired of poorly made products? Unfortunately, the market is flooded with cheaply made, poorly designed furniture that is built and packaged overseas. While the price tag might be appealing, that cheap foreign furniture will likely break down in a year or less. We were tired of the cheap, mass-produced furniture offered by so many big companies, and that’s why we decided to offer high-quality, American made furniture in Palm Beach Gardens.

American Made = More Jobs

The benefits of buying American made furniture in Palm Beach Gardens are numerous, and once you start really thinking about it, there are really very few reasons not to buy locally made furniture. One big reason is that buying American made products supports American workers and their families. Many big-brand companies have moved their operations overseas to take advantage of cheap labor. By choosing American made furniture, you’re keeping good, American companies in business.

American Made = Better Economy

A second wonderful reason to buy American made furniture is the benefit it provides to our national economy. American made products increase our national GDP, which pumps more money into our national economy. Of course, when more Americans are employed, they have more money to spend, which further aids our national economy.

American Made = Safer Products

We’ve seen numerous problems over the years due to lead paint and other toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of foreign-made furniture and other products. The USA has strict guidelines and stringent federal safety standards which ensure that American made products are safe for public use.

American Made = Quality

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to buy American made furniture in Palm Beach Gardens goes right back to simple quality. When you spend money on a piece of furniture, it should last for many years. When you buy our American made furniture, you’re making an investment in furnishings that will retain their beauty and quality for many years to come. To find out more about our American made furniture, get in touch at 561-963-2022 – or drop by our showroom!