The Best Prices on Dining Room Furniture in the West Palm Beach Area

While most folks choose full sets when they are shopping for dining room furniture, you can also mix and match to create a style that suits your personal tastes. When you’re picking out furniture for your dining room, you’re creating a vibe in that space. You can make it elegant or casual, cozy and warm or stark and modern. It all comes down to the pieces you choose and how you combine them.

One of the central elements of dining room furniture is seating. We carry a tremendous variety of style at our outlet store here near West Palm Beach, so you’re sure to find the style that perfectly fits your vibe. As you browse our selection, here are a few tips on picking the right seats for your personal style:

1. Traditional

Traditional dining rooms are elegant and a bit luxurious. To get this look, choose seats that feature rich upholstery and more ornamentation. Linen, velvet, and chenille are all wonderful upholstery options for the traditional dining room; however, leather can also work beautifully (and is stain-resistant in the bargain).

2. Country

If you can’t get enough country charm, go for classic designs in natural materials. Wooden spindle-back chairs, for example, look like they belong in a cozy farm house. Sturdy, rustic pieces create the look beautifully and add a sense of history to your home.

3. Contemporary

For a sleek, up-to-date look, go for rich tones in smooth textures. Leather upholstery in dark brown or black, accented by wood, metal, or acrylic lend a modern, contemporary look to a dining room.

4. Eclectic

Finally, don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to seating. You can mix styles, textures, and colors to give your dining room a casual, fun, lived-in feel. Add a sense of balance and cohesion by placing matching chairs at the ends of the table.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous set of dining room furniture or you’re looking to build your own set by mixing and matching, you’ll find everything you need at our store near West Palm Beach. Drop by any time, or give us a call at 561-963-2022. We’re here to serve!