The Best Prices on Your Serta Mattress in Boynton Beach

There’s nothing like a brand new mattress to help you sleep like a baby again. And when you opt for one of our brand new memory foam Serta mattresses, you rest is bound to be downright luxurious! We’re running a grand sale on Serta mattresses near Boynton Beach, and it could be the ideal time for you to swap out your old mattress for something a lot more comfortable.

You’ve got Options!

We carry the full line of Serta iComfort mattresses. Every one of our mattresses is covered by a 10-year unconditional warranty. Plus, we offer free delivery on all of our memory foam mattresses! The iComfort line of mattresses includes:

  • Prodigy EverFeel
  • Savant EverFeel Plush
  • Savant EverFeel Firm
  • Genius EverFeel
  • Insight EverFeel
  • Inception
  • Acumen
  • Acumen Firm
  • Reinvention
  • Epic
  • Brilliant EFX
  • Visionary EFX Plush
  • Visionary EFX Cushion Firm
  • Intellectual EFX
  • Aura EFX
  • Avila

How to Prepare for Your New Mattress

A new mattress doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s actually a rather life-changing event. Most folks are surprised at how much a new mattress improves their nightly sleep and daily comfort. You might notice that many of your aches and pains are suddenly fading away! As you prepare to buy a new mattress, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. New scent

A new memory foam mattress is going to have a faint unfamiliar scent at first. This is just from the production process, and it will fade within a few days. We suggest airing out your mattress for a day before sleeping on it.

2. New thickness

Modern mattresses are thicker than they used to be. You might find that you need deep pocket sheets to fit your new mattress. Your new bed will also be a little higher than before.

3. Better support

A new mattress will feel a lot firmer than an old one. Just remember that it will take your body up to eight weeks to adjust to the new bed.

There’s no better time to shop for a new bed! Come and check out our awesome deals on Serta mattresses near Boynton Beach. We’ve got a huge variety, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect bed. For more info, give us a call at 561-963-2022.