The Best Selection and Prices on Futons in the West Palm Beach Area

It can be fun to host guests, but it’s sometimes a challenge to find space for an extra bed. If you’re limited on space, a futon might be the ideal solution. Futons offer a comfortable bed when guests come calling, and when they’re not in use, they fold up nicely to serve as a comfy couch. Of course, choosing the right futon is important if you hope to keep your guests happy.

Measure Carefully

Whether you’re buying a futon for your home office, your living room, or another space in your home, make sure to measure carefully before buying. Make sure that you measure for both folded and reclined positions!

Match Wisely

If you don’t want your futon frame to be an eyesore, make sure to match it to the room it will sit in. Your guests are important, and you want to provide a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing space. An attractive futon frame that matches the space tells your guests that you put care into creating a pleasant, comfortable room for them.

Choose Fabrics

If possible, choose a futon covered in cotton or a cotton-wool blend, as this will be the most comfortable for guests. Some futons come in polyester, but these tend to be rather uncomfortable. Whatever you choose though, it’s smart to buy a futon cover to protect the mattress from stains and spills. This is especially smart if your guests have kids or pets! The futon cover is easy to remove and wash, and it’ll keep your futon looking nice and new for a long time.

We carry a fantastic selection of futons at our store near West Palm Beach, and we have the perfect sleeping solution for your guests. If you’re playing host sometime soon, pick up one of our futons and we guarantee that your guests will be thrilled to find such a comfortable, lovely bed waiting for them. To find out about our selection and pricing, give us a call at 561-963-2022.