Tropical Designer Furniture in West Palm Beach

Tropical furniture can give your whole home a gorgeous, laid back atmosphere. With the right touches, you’ll always feel like you’re on vacation at a resort or an island getaway. Fortunately, tropical furniture is a huge trend in modern interior design. It’s the perfect combination of warmth and comfort with a little exotic flair thrown in. At Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet, we offer a stunning selection of gorgeous tropical designer furniture in West Palm Beach. We’ve got all that you need to turn your home into the perfect island oasis.

Tropical décor might sound a little wild at first, but it doesn’t mean you’re creating some kind of jungle theme. It’s actually quite a minimalistic style that uses plenty of natural hues, patterns and textures. It’s so relaxing and peaceful for this very reason.

There are a few simple steps to achieving a gorgeous, tropical themed home:

1. Color

A tropical ambiance is all about neutral, natural tones. Most tropical schemes are built on a base of pale yellows, dark browns, and shades of tan and ivory. These peaceful colors can be accented with overlaying tones of blues, greens, muted reds and shades of mahogany.

2. Textures

As you’ll notice in our various collections of tropical designer furniture in West Palm Beach, there are some prominent textures in tropical design. Furniture is typically well-upholstered and comfortable, and is usually made from dark wood, rattan, wicker, and occasionally wrought iron. These pieces can be combined to create a natural contrast of textures throughout your home.

Upholstery is usually done in neutral tones in breezy materials like homespun cotton, raw silk, chenille, and other natural fibers. Larger pieces are usually upholstered in solid neutral tones, while accent pieces can provide contrast with more colorful natural prints.

Drop by our showroom to get some inspiration as you create your own tropical interior design. We’ve got lots of options for tropical designer furniture in West Palm Beach, and our design experts are always happy to help you pick out the right pieces for your collection. And remember, you can always consult with our team or get immediate help by call us at 561-963-2022.