Vintage Style Furniture in Delray Beach

Vintage style is coming back in a big way – and we’ve got all the vintage style furniture you could want in Delray Beach! The vintage style is rapidly gaining popularity because it harks back to a simpler time. It brings back memories of summers on the lake, long road trips with friends, and family outings to the local burger shack. It’s a nostalgic style that one designer has dubbed “visual comfort food.”

Of course, the style is extremely popular amongst baby boomers, for whom the colors, textures and styles are right out of their own childhoods. Interestingly enough, it has also become extremely popular amongst a younger crowd of consumers as well. Folks of all ages are drawn to this style that reminds one of simpler, more innocent days.

Designing your home with a vintage theme can be a whole lot of fun – especially if you can get your hands on some real vintage pieces. Old posters, enamelware, and décor can really bring a space together and complete the vintage vibe you’re aiming for. While true vintage pieces of furniture can be hard to come by, we offer some fabulous collections that beautifully capture the spirit and nostalgia of those days gone by.

As you browse our vintage style furniture in showroom near Delray Beach, you might just find yourself reminiscing about family vacations, summers at camp, and long road trips with your buddies. Or it might remind you of trips to your grandparents’ place, if you’re from a younger set! Regardless of your age or experiences, there’s a true charm to vintage style furniture and décor, and we’ll help you to design a comfortable, inviting space with the perfect pieces and accents.

Come by our showroom any time. We’re just minutes from Delray Beach and we have all the vintage style furniture you need for a beautifully styled home. If you are looking for something very specific or you’d like information on our inventory or pricing, feel free to call our team any time. You can reach our furniture experts at 561-963-2022.