Vintage Styled Furniture in Greenacres at Factory Direct Pricing

Vintage furniture is awesome because it allows you to furnish your home in a style that’s completely unique. It allows you to get away from the uniformity of the “boxed set” look and to create a style that reflects your own personality. For great prices on vintage styled furniture in Greenacres, drop by Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet, and check out our gorgeous pieces and collections.

How to Buy Great Vintage Styled Pieces

Real vintage pieces can be few and far between. It’s getting harder and harder to find affordable vintage furniture – mainly because folks tend to hang on to it. A great alternative is our vintage styled furniture in Greenacres. You can get that great classic look without spending too much money or too much time searching.

As you look for great vintage pieces to fill your home, here are a few tips we’ve found useful:

1. Old doesn’t always equal quality. Folks assume that everything old was made well. Remember that every era has its poor workmanship and inferior materials – and some vintage furniture just won’t live up to your expectations.

2. Don’t be a brand snob. In decades past, there were loads of small-time furniture makers that produced exceptional furniture. Don’t pass a piece up just because you don’t recognize the brand. You might score a real treasure.

3. Look for good bones. Quality vintage furniture will be made right. Drawers will still open properly, and frames will be solid. Pieces can be reupholstered, but bad structure can’t be remedied.

4. Don’t be afraid of scuffs and scratches. A great vintage piece might have some signs of wear and tear –and that’s just part of its charm. In fact. many vintage styled pieces are purposely aged to match that weathered look.

5. Mix the old with the new. If you have a few really great vintage pieces, you can complement them with newer pieces in a vintage style. The great thing about vintage furniture is that it can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content.

Come on by and check out our lovely collection of vintage styled furniture in Greenacres>. We’ve got options aplenty, so give us a call at 561-963-2022, and let us know just what you’re looking for.