West Palm Beach’s Premiere Furniture Outlet Store

Furniture is an investment, so it’s important to shop at the right places. Big box stores have introduced a lot of cheap, low-quality furniture into the market, and buyers are tired of throw-away pieces that only last a year or two. If you’re looking for beautiful, durable furniture that will last, come and visit us at Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet. We are West Palm Beach’s premiere furniture outlet store, and we have both the quality and the prices you’re looking for.

Quality Isn’t so Hard to Find

You just have to know what you’re looking for! A keen eye can help you to spot those pieces that are poorly built or made with inferior products. And a little bit of savvy can help you to find the pieces that are as durable and tough as they are beautiful. While you’ll only find high quality products at West Palm Beach’s premiere furniture outlet store, here are a few tips to help you avoid low-quality products elsewhere.

1. Real Wood or Particle Board?

Fake or “laminated” wood is getting harder and harder to identify. Manufacturers are doing an ever better job of creating cheap products that look amazingly good. Unfortunately, an impressive laminate just hides a soft interior that quickly starts to crumble. Wooden furniture will have visible seams, and it should look like hardwood from every angle – not just on the surface.

2. Real Leather or Plastic?

Leather is much the same. Remember that animal skins are only so big, so real leather will always be divided up by seams (at least every 2 feet). If you find a sofa or chair with big, unbroken stretches of material, it’s probably not real leather.

There are many more options and factors to consider when you’re picking out new furniture, but these are some important ones to consider. Hardwood furniture and leather furniture are both expensive, so you want to make sure that you’re getting the real thing! To find excellent, high-quality pieces for your home, drop by West Palm Beach’s premiere furniture outlet store, or call us at 561-963-2022.